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La-vials price list
La-cons price list

Microvials price list
Polyvials price list
Nucons price list
Statcons price list
Flexatop price list
Rigid-hinge 2-piece box price list
La-pods price list
Hotstamping, ball chains, foam and labels price list

Written specification sheet 01 (PN 050650-253800)
Written specification sheet 02 (Vials, Polyvials, LaPods, and Art)
Part Drawings 01 (0.5inch and 1.25inch)
Part Drawings 02 (1.5inch and 2.0inch)
Part Drawings 03 (2.5inch)
Part Drawings Lavials
Part Drawings Polyvials
Part Drawings Lapods

The Leader in Hinged-lid Containers

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